Local live music at Fin's!

Shameless Band

Join us for live music at Fin's!

We love supporting our local musicians and providing a fun environment for our guests! 

Please read the seating policies and help us continue to provide a fun experience for everyone.

• We are not a bar; we are a family restaurant. Our "bar" section is not a bar, it is part of our full-service restaurant, also known as our covered patio. We provide live music to help promote local bands and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. 

• We follow a first come first serve policy and require the majority of your party to be present prior to being sat. We do not honor "seat savers", as this is not fair to those on our waiting list who plan accordingly and have their entire party ready to be seated. 

• We will not save tables or seats for band members' friends and family. They must respect our first come first serve policy as well. All bands who perform at Fin's have agreed to this policy. 

• We request all guests to check in with the cashier/host to be seated. If you seat yourself without checking in, you may be missed and not served. Our restaurant has many sections to it and it's unrealistic for our staff to know you need to be served if you did not check-in. 

• Please show kindness and patience towards our staff. We request patience regarding service, especially on evenings we have live music. The influx of guests approximately 20 minutes prior to music beginning, makes it impossible for our hard-working staff to serve everyone at once. A wait list is formed to help control the seating and service. 

• We will continue to support live music and enforce our policies to provide a fun environment. This environment must also remain safe for our employees. Anyone who verbally abuses or is aggressive towards our staff will be removed from our establishment. 

Thank you for your kindness and cooperation! 

We look forward to continuing to promote live music on the Central Coast.  

Please be advised dates and bands performing are subject to change. Cancelations and adjustments will be posted on our Facebook page.